Friday, January 8, 2010

Progressive Dinner Anyone???

Have yall been to a progressive dinner before?? It's soo much fun! My small group from church did one this year for our Christmas party. We had a Mexican theme, which was fun to plan. If you've never a part of a progressive dinner here's how it works. You choose a theme and then get people to sign up for 3 different meal courses. We did appitizers at one house, main meal at another, and then desserts and white elephant gift exchange at the last house.

At the house number one we did queso, 7 layer dip, guac, chips, and virgin margs ( we didn't want to drink and drive while we are doing the traveling from house to house). We all had a blast! Then we drew numbers and paired off with our drivers. It was a lot of fun to hang out with some people that we didn't chat with over apptizers.:)

For the main course we were very blessed to have the food provided by a chef in the group. Tony is a chef at Abundance Cafe here in Dallas, cooked up a lot of yummy stuff. We had green chili sour cream chicken enchiladas, rice, beans, tortillas (homemade), and beef fajitas. What a great meal! Then we drew numbers again hoped in the right car and headed to dessert and white elephant gift exchange.

I brought Sopapillla cheesecake (thanks Jennifer R) and everyone loved it! For the white elephant gift i regifted part of what i had gotten last year and then put in a half used candle. It was hilarious when the person who picked my gift opened it, because the couple (Libby & Kenny) who brought it last time totally remembered it. It was soo funny! We all loved seeing what everyone got. I got a purple blowup guitar, a Garfield mask, huge yellow sunglasses, and a red feather. I tried it all on but haven't got the pics. I'm not sure I want the whole world to see it anyway. I was pretty goofy looking.

Anyway, we had soo much fun hanging out in people's houses and getting to know one another better. I can't wait for the next progressive dinner!!!!!

PS - Sorry for the incorrect spellings but the spell check decided not to work tonight.:)


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fun Times in December

During the month of December it was filled with tons of fun Christmas Parties, unfortunately I didn't take enough pics. But when I went to the Arboretum my bff Brittany and her kiddos. Before heading to the Arboretum we stopped at this fun local diner -Bar Becs - which reminds me of The Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls, TX.

Here's the 4 of us before heading out!

Clay was too funny and decided he wanted to hide from the camera.

They have a ton of fun things to do there from getting a pic with Santa by James French to getting your face painting. Brittany really wanted a great pic of Clay and Carolina with Santa, so we tried and tried but in the end Brittany had to pose with Santa too. After all that, we went to get their faces painted. It was soo cute! Carolina got her first one which was a snow man. Later we found the pirate ship, which Clay loved! Here's a fun pic of Carolina and I right before we left.

It's always soo much fun to go to the Arboretum with Brittany and the kids.:)


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thanksgiving fun...very belated!!

So I admit that I have been just a tad bit busy with life to blog, but here goes some fast catching up!

My parents came up from San Antonio to do Thanksgiving with my Mom's side of the family here in Dallas. We had a blast cooking it up at my Aunt Johnetta's. I made some yummy Sweet Potato Balls, which i got the recipe from Paula Deen. These are amazingly good, but not soo healthy. I forgot to take a pic so yall will just have to wait til next year! Although I did get some pics of the 3 pies I made. My Mom did the crust, which were gluten-free since she is on a Gluten-free diet, and I did the fillings.:)

The Blueberry Pie - my fav!

The Pecan Pie

The Pumpkin Pie

We also had fun playing games and just hanging out.:) Here's some fun pics with my cousins!


And of course a pic with my parents.:)

Now only a few more blogs to go! Woohoo!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

State Fair Fun!

This year I went to the fair with my good friend Beth. She's from Nebraska and had never been before, so it was a lot of fun to show her all the fun fair stuff. We started our trip to the fair by riding the DART.

It was a lot of fun and way cheap. Once we got there we had to get a yummy full fat corn dog. I probably could've eaten the whole thing but, I passed so I could eat other fabulous FRIED food. So before we stuffed our faces with all the fried food we rode the swings. My fav next to the roller coaster.:) Here's a pic of me right before we got on the swings.

I think I passed the height requirement, but barely. Hehe!

Beth right before the swings got going. I was going to get a pic of myself too but then the swings got going and we were off. Oh and FYI if you guys ever ride the swings, don't sit on the outside will twist a lot...which is what I did. It was a lot of fun!

After that we went on a mission to find FRIED COOKIE DOUGH.

It was soo good. We also tasted fried oreos and fried peanut butter cups. My fav was still the fried cookie dough. I saw the fried butter but it really grossed me out.

We passed by the Cotton Bowl

It would be soo fun to see a game there some day.

By 10pm it started raining so Beth and I bolted to the DART.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lesson Learned

The other day I went to Marshell's and found the cutest red patent wedge shoes. I tried on the display shoe and it fit, so I grab the shoebox with my size and head to check out. I was in a hurry to get to car pool so I didn't check the size of the shoes in the box. The next day I go to put them on and the right shoe is just a bit snug...that's because I came home with 1 size 6 shoe instead of 2 7 1/2's. So, gals always check the size of your shoes before you buy them. Don't trust that the check out person will do it.


I'm 29...WOOHOO!

I turned 29 on September 29th, and this is what I saw when I went to work...

Froggie made me this sign for my bday. When I came in the house after picking him up from school this sign was hanging in the entry way. He's such a sweetheart. He and I always make signs like this for his parents' bdays and it was soo sweet of him to do that for me. What a great way to start the celebration! The weekend before my birthday one of my best friends from San Antonio - Angela came to visit along with her husband. We had a great time going to see Julie and Julia and shopping. Angela and I cooked my Mom's artichoke dip and spaghetti casserole for dinner. It was soo yummy. I was a little stressed while cooking for 5 people, but I know that with time it will get easier. I know if Julia Childs can do it so can I. We ended the fun weekend watching the Green Bay Packers game at Top Golf and trying our hand at a little golf. I'm not that great at golf but it was a lot of fun!

I also had a fun dinner out with Froggie and his Mom at Mi Cocina. That has become one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Dallas. I loved having my margarita and cheese enchiladas.

To top of my birthday I went to Brittany & Mikes for dinner. They both cooked a fabulous meal for me. We had steak and shrimp kabobs, twice baked potatoes, and a zucchini and squash casserole. Then Brittany made Tresleches cake. It was soo good. Clay was too cute and just ate the icing.:) I will have to get that recipe from her. Thanks for the great dinner guys!

All in all I had the best birthday ever. I feel so blessed to have all my friends and family in my life. This coming weekend I'm going to San Antonio to celebrate my bday as well as my Mom's. More pics to come.

Oh and some people keep asking me if I feel older..

Nope not yet! Maybe I will once I hit the big 3-0.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Fun new find...

Lately I've been decorating my new apartment which has been really fun. I have really wanted to find some rugs for the dining, kitchen, and living rooms since those are all hard wood floors. I went to many websites to check out prices and rugs are expensive. Saturday I decided to hit up Hobby Lobby and found the cutest rug ever.

When I got to the register the check out lady said, "Rugs are 50% off right now!"

That totally made my day! Hobby Lobby has the cutest home decor stuff...I had to really use self-control while in there. Once I get my place fully decorated I'll post some pics.:)